Repetition and Varience

IMG_4540Sean chalking it up.

Variance is a key concept in CrossFit. Repetition is also valuable to improvement and mastery. So how do we keep up with both of these ideas that may seem at odds. This week is a good example day one of the cycle we did overhead squats relatively heavy for ten sets of 2 we followed that up with a triplet including sets of 8 overhead squats done without a rack at much lighter weight and today we will power snatch sets of three to finish out the cycle. The movement is repetitive and yet very different each time. We are getting the adaptation by repetition while keeping our tenant of variance.



For time:
500 Double-unders
At the top of each minute stop and perform 3 power snatches at 115 pounds


This Sunday a handful of our athletes are competing in the NorCal CrossFit post Open recovery Competition. If you are available come watch and support your fellow athletes in San Jose all day Sunday. Sixteen CFSC members will be throwing down and it will be a unique opportunity to watch.