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IMG_3464Ann-Marie climbing the rope.

CrossFit has many detractors.  Some say squatting below 90 degrees is bad for your knee, others say high rep Olympic style weightlifting is dangerous, and even more ridiculous, some say CrossFit is only for the young.  The gains to be found by practicing and improving at functional movements are available to every age group.  Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, has said that an athlete can expect 10 years of variable adaption regardless of at what age they start.



Clean and Jerk, 10-5-3-10-5-3-10-5-3 reps

1. 30 seconds rest between sets. 
2. The loads are light, moderate, and heavy. 
3. Plan loads ahead of time so that you can transition quickly if you've but one bar to work with.
4. Use push jerk instead of split jerk. It's faster.
5. Breath.... deeply.