Coach D

DanielleDanielle Edmundson | Owner

 After playing water polo and swimming in high school I earned a scholarship to play Water Polo at the University of Hawaii. In the off season in addition to swimming I tried running, yoga, spin class, and kickboxing to stay fit. I knew there was something missing from my fitness program but I did not know what. I started doing CrossFit under founders Greg and Lauren Glassman as part of my off-season training program as a senior in college. It has been the biggest influence in my life ever since.
I took my new passion and knowledge about CrossFit back to Hawaii and became the team’s strength and conditioning coach. That year my team went to the NCAA’s final 4. Now after competitive sports, CrossFit is my sole strength and conditioning program and I am leaner, faster, and stronger than ever before. I passionately believe that the movements done at CrossFit are the best tools for health.

My coaching philosophy is one of support and enthusiasm. I help my clients gain better overall physical and mental health. I have experience coaching people with varying degrees of fitness levels and goals. I have studied nutrition and have an understanding of those struggling with food issues. I can help my clients eat right to stabilize mood swings and provide easy strategies to eating better.  I am passionate about helping people become, strong, vibrant, healthy and mentally tough.

“Danielle can motivate you to go harder than you thought possible. She is kind and compassionate when you need it and shows no mercy when necessary.” —HB