Time For Pie

Everyone loves tabata!

Some say there is a fine line between confidence and conceitedness. But if we look closely, a clear divide between the two traits becomes apparent. People who are confident are often stoic under pressure and humble in victory. They let their actions speak for them. They don't bask in glory, but instead look to share it with others. They rarely let success go to their head. People who are conceited only live in their head, without acknowledging the vast world around them. They hide their diffidence behind pretentiousness. They brag about every accomplishment they have made, without acknowledging those who helped to get them there. These two traits are best exemplified in the world of elite competitive sport. In the dawn of success when a champion is interviewed, we will see one or the other, rarely both, emerge.

 - Dahlberg



10 rounds each for time of:
Row 200 meters
Rest 1 minute