He Cares

IMG_2205 Kevin as Care Bear

This year we had the most people dressed up for Halloween ever. It was great fun to see the super heroes, the kettle bell and Turkish get up, the girl out the bubble bath, the cop, a fat man in a little coat, a pig that could fly, and the sun shine herself. I believe there was mini mouse, a pirate, a lady in a g-string bikini with chest hair, a farmer, a surfer dude and even Mutha F-ing white trash. I also saw the 7 billionth baby, and a few more. Halloween is a time for creativity and fun and I am stoked people decided to let their colors shine with us.



Push press + Push jerk + Split jerk 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Continue to add weight until you can no longer push press any more. Work speed on your jerk.