So Special

IMG_8048 Cara in a great squat, spine in perfect position.

The squat is one of the three most basic and most important foundational movements we teach, can you name the other two (certified trainer do not answer...there are a lot of you)? If you master these three the rest will be much easier to learn.

Just a reminder to everyone that Hollis and I plus a handful of your fellow athletes will be traveling to LA this weekend for the CrossFit games. We have never both left the gym for this long. Gilly and Kristy will be in charge from Thursday at 12 to Sunday. Take care of the gym while we are away.

We are Closed Monday. Please help inform your classmates.



Three Rounds for time of:

50 double unders
20 Hang Power snatch 95lbs
10 Dead Lift 275/185