A Closer Look

IMG_0536 The story begins.

The third place finisher in the improvement pool was none other than the CrossFit Santa Cruz "Mom" herself, Carole Mulford.

We have collected and analyzed her data. This is her method and narrative:

"First of all, I only entered the competition to be supportive of everyone else, I never considered that I had a chance of winning.  I was mostly worried about not improving.  My main goal was to show up and modify as needed.  When it was time to re-test I took it very seriously. I kept a positive attitude and tried my best.

I used to come to CrossFit because it was where my kids worked. I didn't care too much about body mechanics or how to move better. Times have changed and I have now learned to pay close attention to proper technique and focus on my form, as well as push my own limits. I would now say that I am "on the Koolaid". I check multiple CrossFit websites, read journal articles and promote the diet vigilantly.  I know if it weren't for CrossFit and my kids I would probably be weak and a vegetarian.

This experiment was a great way to get people who don't always compete to pay attention to scores and push a little harder. I know I did. Thank you for the opportunity to learn that I can still get better even at 58 years old.

This is how I improved:

  • Coach D worked privately with me a few times a week to improve my strength and flexibility
  • I spent 20-30 minutes rolling out and stretching at night
  • I came to CrossFit 5-6 days a week with a combination of privates and group classes
  • Positive encouragement from all the wonderful people in the community
  • Working out near Lucas and Cara during the re-test
  • I ate a weighed and measured/Zone Paleo diet + cream for coffee, fage yogurt, a little chocolate and lots of chewing gum during workouts     



Rest Day