Podium Finish

IMG_0561 Dawn O'Regan takes the top spot.

Dawn finished with 226 points and and average improvement of 31.71%.  Coach D took 2nd place with 207 points and a 20.89% improvement.  Carole Mulford followed in 3rd place with 203 points and an amazing 22.20% improvement. 

We started the challenge with 45 people.  31 completed all six workouts in the alloted time.  Of those 31 every athlete showed a measurable improvement.  Below we have posted the results for further review.

Post thought and analysis to comments.

Notable Performances:

Chris Cobb's 145 pound overhead squat x3, improved 52.63%!

Sean Dilloughery's 4:49 "Diane", improved 50.34%!

Ben Sim's 15.9 Rnds of Cindy, improved 32.58%!


Download Results Placings.pdf (26.0K)

Download Results By WoD.pdf (110.9K)

Download Results by Athlete.pdf (66.2K)



Three rounds for time of:
Walk on hands, 100 feet
Hold handstand against wall for two minutes
15 Handstand push-ups