Time to Start

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Announcing the CrossFit Santa Cruz Improvement Pool. 

Start Date: Nov 1 (buy in period goes through Nov 9 must complete all 5 workouts (to be named later))

End Date: Week of Jan 7-14 (re- test period based on gym ranking)


Wager $10 that you will improve more than anyone else in the gym over the next 60 days in 5 varied workouts.

1st place takes 50% of the pool

2nd place 30% of the pool

3rd place 20% of the pool

Other prizes TBA

Suggestions on how to get better:

1. Log your scores on beyond the whiteboard

2. Improve your diet

3. Develop a consistent mobility and maintenance plan

4. Work your weaknesses

5. Go Hard

Sign up at the gym.

Workout: "CFSC Runnin WOD"

1x Run 800

rest 2:00 between

2x Run 400

rest 2:00 between

3x Run 200

rest 1:00 between

4x Run 100

rest 1:00 between