Conover's Corner

Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

After 3 years studying for my RN in Los Angeles after which I worked for four years in Long Beach and San Francisco, I took off for Boston to join a Medical Missionary religious community; I was 25 years old. The next stop was Ireland to work and study at the International Missionary Training Hospital for Midwifery in Drogheda and University College in Dublin for a degree in Nursing Education, after which I was off to a bush station in Kabanga, Tanzania, E. Africa, where I opened a School of Nursing.


The PDF articles are meant to be downloaded and read.  The comments sections below is open for all articles posted to the corner.  Mary is often quick to reply to questions.

Collected Articles:

Energy Generation.pdf (50.1K)-March 2012

Achieving Stress Continence.pdf (368.4K)-February 2011

Belly Breathing.pdf (145.0K)-October 2010

Are your ears ringing? pdf (59.9K)-September 2010

Alzheimer's disease.pdf (290.3K)- August 2010

Prostate cancer.pdf (29.0K)- July 2010

Breast Cancer Exercise, Prevention, and Treatment.pdf(67.5K)-June 2010

Hormonal and Metabolic Changes During Progressive Overload Training–A Review.pdf (172.2K)- May 2010

VERTIGO.pdf (244.0K) - April 2010

CLIMBING HIGH.pdf (1713.9K) - March 2010

SHINGLES.pdf (539.5K) - February 2010

Exercise for Succeful Ageing.pdf (143.8K) - January 2010

Multiple Sclerosis-Tony.pdf -December 2009

Fatal Excited Delirium - November 2009

Feeling Faint?- October 2009

Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PVST)- September 2009

Funtional Excercise-Induced Tachycardia- August 2009

Exercise Induced Nausea and Vomiting- July 2009

Understanding Chest Pain- June 2009

Iron Overload- May 2009

"What Happened To CPR?"- April 2009

Big Breath! Hold It! Exhale!- March 2009