Day 4

DSC05611A word on Max's Olympic Style Weightlifting WoDs

"Our Olympic WeightLifting WODs are for our Lifters, Athletes andCrossFiters focusing on the Oly Lifts. We post 1 to 3 work outs. The Oly Lifters do all Oly WO posted. Athletes & CrossFiters do the Oly WO#1 and CF WOD WO#1 or CF Games WOD #1. WO schedule 4 on 1 off, 1 on 1 off.

As soon as we finish a complete cycle of Max Fit USA programming we will be returning to our home grown programming.  The last few weeks have been an interesting experiment.  Which programming did you like the most?  The, the CrossFit or the Max Fit USA. 

Post thoughts to comments.

Workout:  Max Fit USA WoD
Press 2×3/60% 2×3/70%
Snatch (from block at mid-thigh) 2×2/60% 2×2/70% 3×1/80%
3Pos. Clean 3ea/70% 2×2ea/80% 3×1ea/85%
Good Morning 4×6/


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