On The Road

DSC02641Chris working on a set of 3.

Our nutrition guru Robb Wolf has got some tips for eating well on the road. His Road Forager series is great example of what is possible if we are creative and thoughtful. Robb travels a lot and needs to eat well at the same time. Forager 1, Forager 2 and Forager 3 are all real meals eaten on the road. If those are not reason enough to put in a little extra effort when  away for home then read Alzheimer's is 'brain diabetes' from BBC News.

What do you do when your are away from home? Do you eat well?
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225 Back Squat
Ring Dip

Squat/Ring Dip WOD (Kelly Starrett)...[wmv][mov]

Modification for the WOD:  Use 10 pounds less than your 20 rep back squat.