Just for Fun

DSC01299Dutch making work look fun.

Dutch put on a one day event at Catalyst Athletics.  His understanding and implementation of CrossFit is well thought out.  There are a lot of qualities that make someone a good coach. Knowledge of the subject matter is one, and Dutch knows his stuff. One of the not so obvious qualities that makes a good coach is humor. Training is serious business, and needs to be treated as such. However, a little humor can go along way. It can break down the ego, you know that pesky little rascal that gets in the way sometimes, and take the pressure off.  The workout below, under the guidance of Dutch,was created by the participants.

Workout: 5 rounds for time of: 
5 Handstand Push Ups
185 pound power clean, 5 reps

The goal is 5-7 minutes. Can you make it under 5 minutes?