DSC00045Hannah not stretching.

The success or our program requires longevity in our athletes. Increasing joint mobility and lengthing of the muscles are a couple of ways to insure your longevity as an athlete. We don't want our athletes side lined or leaving the program due to injury.  Training hard takes its toll on the body and the rigors of CrossFit are like no other. Like KStar says, elite performance requires elite care an maintenance of the body.
Want to join the "Accountability Challenge" come to the Holiday Rehab Party at the House of H on Sunday, January 4th at 1pm. A Paleo potluck to help us reset our habits for 2009. Email Hollis at hollismolloy@gmail.com to RSVP and for directions. For those of you that don't live in Santa Cruz we will have a virtual "Accountability Challenge" available. Stay Tuned for details.