Human Performance


Coach Burgener tells us "everybody has a different body". In the photo above we can see that each athlete has a unique body, and each is striving for perfect overhead position. If you were the coach, what would you tell these athletes to help them achieve perfect overhead position? Would you say anything at all?
Coach Mike Burgener will be at our box on Saturday November 8th. The day will consist of skills and drills for the snatch, and the clean & jerk. We will be using barbells and weight. This is not a day for the beginner, but an athlete who wants to work their technique with a master coach watching them. Space is limited for participants, however we are allowing spectators for the event. The only thing better than Mike Burgener coming to us, would be us going to Mike's gym. To reserve your spot contact Hollis at for details.

4 rounds increasing in weight each round
3 Push Press behind the neck
2 Snatch Balance behind the neck
1 Overhead squat
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