Superglue Anyone?

Phillip has been focused on his diet and training with
the second annual CrossFit Games in mind.

Have you considered entering the CrossFit Games?
Perhaps there is a misconception that the games are
only for elite athletes and that only those who feel they
have a chance for the title should enter. If you're
considering entering but worried that you won't be able
to "measure up" to the competition, think about how
many people run a marathon without the expectation
of winning. Participating in the CrossFit Games is about
the personal challenge of working consistently and
intensely towards a goal and giving it everything you have.
It is about being fully present to feel the energy of
crossfitters across the country coming together to celebrate
what they love. It is about being involved in something
bigger than the sum of its parts.

July 5th and 6th, 2008. Sign up and represent
CrossFit Santa Cruz!

5 rounds of

Row for Calories, 1 minute
Thruster 1/4 body weight, 1 minute
Press 1/2 body weight, 1 minute
Rest 1 minute