CrossFit Couple

Kristy and Scott are a CrossFit Couple! They drive from San Jose about three times a week to train with us at CrossFit Santa Cruz. When we were putting the new gym together, they dedicated countless hours painting and helping us any way they could. Thanks Scott and Kristy for being such a great part of our community. We love training with you and having you around!

For the next few days, the workouts that are posted will be taken from the CrossFit Santa Cruz Archives. They will be posted exactly how Greg and Lauren Glassman posted them originally, which includes all their instructions and notes. These workouts embody the evolutionary process of how many of the CrossFit workouts were created and the genius behind them!

Complete three rounds of this circuit:

Box Jump twenty-five jumps in sixty seconds, then immediately
Powerclean 15 reps.
Rest sixty seconds.

No rest during jumps or powercleans. Each round is about three minutes including rests.

Fit: 20" box and 50% bodyweight powerclean
Superfit: 26" box and 75% bodyweight powerclean
CrossFit: 32" box and 100% bodyweight powerclean