Tap Out


Michele Mootz (left) and Katie Amos.
Since starting Crossfit with Michele in Jan. '07 Katie has lost 8 lbs. and dropped 3 sizes. She deadlifts 105 lbs., push jerks 85 lbs. and can front squat 133 lbs. She says that Crossfit is one of the best things that has ever happened to her and that she 'stands taller every day'.
Congratulations Katie.

'Tap Out'
With a continuously running clock get 11 Push Press and 6 Box Jumps the first minute. Add one rep to each excercise each minute: 12 Push Press and 7 Box Jumps the second minute, 13 PP and 8 BJ the third minute, and so on until you cannot get all reps done in one mintue.
(Gents use 25# dumbbells and Ladies use 15#)
Rest 3 min.
Repeat the same work scheme for round two, starting with 5 Double Unders and 3 Burpees the first mintue, 6 Double Unders and 4 Burpees the second minute, etc.
Report last rounds completed for each set of exercises.