Wednesday, April 6

21 handstand push-ups
21 ring dips
21 push-ups
21-calorie row
15 handstand push-ups
15 ring dips
15 push-ups
21-calorie row
9 handstand push-ups
9 ring dips
9 push-ups
21-calorie row


NOTE: Wednesday's CrossFit Kids class will meet at 4 p.m. at Cowell's Sandbar. The group should meet at the bottom of the stairs that lead down to the surf spot—not the beach by the Dream Inn.

This Saturday, Debbie Steingesser will host a Yoga for Athletes class at 11 a.m., following the regular CrossFit classes.

Debbie writes, "Yoga for Athletes is an all levels class specifically designed to stretch, restore, and mobilize your body for increased athletic performance in CrossFit or other sports. Each session focuses on opening areas that get stiff from a regular workout routine, such as shoulders, hips, quads, hamstrings, and more. This class is taught in the Vinyasa style of yoga, linking poses fluidly with breath and music to keep you engaged. Yoga for Athletes will help increase your flexibility, balance, focus, breath capacity, and strength so you can perform better, experience less soreness, and reduce your risk of injury.

This is not your grandma’s yoga practice. Each class features intelligent sequencing, stable positions, good music, humor, and even the occasional donuts. There will be no chanting (unless Debbie gets carried away). These classes are open to all experience levels."

Debbie is coming to us from our friends at CrossFit San Francisco! We couldn't be more excited to her come down. Hope to see many of you there!