Up or Down


Megan and Fust

Today marks one year since I began CrossFit and one year since I became a member of CrossFit Santa Cruz. I am currently in the best shape of my life, but CrossFit is so much more than an exercise program. It has shown me just how much we are all capable of with the support of a strong community. 

When I first started, the first workout involved handstand push-ups, farmer carries and sprints. Two out of three are very straightforward for a rookie CrossFitter, but handstand ush-ups? You'd have to be superhuman to do things like that! Enter the CFSC community. We are lucky to have a truly superb group of coaches who work everyday to craft not only our physical skills, but our mental approach, as well. A butterfly pull-up doesn't seem nearly so daunting after all the drills Laurie has run in the past year. A bar loaded with a potential PR-worth of weight seems lighter with Coach D shouting cues during the movement. And all the while, you have the support of your fellow classmates/athletes/friends. I have never been a part of a community where everyone is so inviting and encouraging ALL OF THE TIME.

So thank you CFSC for a literally life-changing year. Here's to many more sweat-streaked floors, clanging barbells, and great times with our community.

-Chris Wichman


Muscle-up, 30 reps
Back Extension, 75 reps

1. Pace at will.
2. Back Extention in as many sets as needed.