Pushing the Limit

CFSC_LucasFGBLucas breathing fire

There is no better example of an athlete who is consistent, hard working and pushes himself to the limit each workout. Lucas' diet is dialed in, his sleep is managed, and he keeps the stress level low. Every now and then, a little hickup will come to every athlete -- a twisted ankle, a torn hamstring or biceps tendon, a sore back. Anytime you run into a problem with your body it is a time to re-focus on the basics. The squat, deadlift and shoulder press are really good rehab. Basic gymnastics done slowly and methodically can be very restorative. Every now and then, you've got to take your foot off the gas, slow the engine down and take care.


Two rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
Run 800 meters
100 Double-unders
50 Box jumps