All Squared Away


Karla Ferguson is a great CrossFitter and even cooler person. Although her training schedule seems eratic -- noon, or 5:30, or 10, or 8 -- she is a dedicated athlete. Here's the latest installment in the Get to Know... series.
You just returned from Vietnam. What surprised you most about the culture or the geography? The people work hard everyday just to get basic needs met. You see the ladies out there working in the rice fields and in the streets selling stuff, cooking food; you don't see to much of the men. I heard the men stay at home and take care of the kids.
What's one place you haven't visited but would like to someday? South America's been on my list for a long time... Bolivia, maybe.
Where were you born and raised? I was born in Prescott, Arizona. I lived there until I was five and then I moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. And then, when I was 16, I moved to Santa Cruz.
I heard you went to Burning Man. (laughs) I did! What did you think? I had the best time ever. I was really nervous about it. I was nervous about the heat; I was nervous about camping out there; I was nervous about a lot of stuff, but I went out and it was seriously the best week ever. And I'm goin' back again next year.
Give me a brief synopsis of Burning Man. How would you sum it up, based on your experience? During the day you just kinda chill, maybe ride your bike around, check out the art, (but) it really comes alive at night. The lights are insane. It's like nothing you've ever seen before, it's such a trip ... At one point, it's like the best party in the world out there.
How much drugs did you take? (laughs) No comment.
I like your headbands. How many do you own and what's your favorite one? Workout headbands, maybe like four. My favorite one is probably the floral Lululemon one.
Name one CrossFit workout, that when it's posted you say "Shit, anything but that." I really don't like anything with running in it.
Your mom also does CrossFit here. Did she introduce you to it or vice versa? She introduced me.
How long have you been doing CrossFit? Like three and a half years.
Jason Bourne or James Bond? James Bond

Dogs or Cats? Dogs
New Leaf, Whole Foods or Staff of Life? It used to be Whole Foods, but I've been going to New Leaf more now.
Facial hair or clean shaven? I like facial hair.
Kanye West or Jay-Z? Jay-Z.
Shoulder press, Back Squat or Deadlift? Back Squat.
Apple Jacks, Cracker Jacks or Flapjacks? Oh my God. Flapjacks?
The Wedding Singer or Wedding Crashers? Wedding Crashers.
Coconut Water or Vitamin Water? Coconut Water.
Mad Men or Desperate Housewives? Neither. I don't watch either one of those.
Fight Gone Bad or Quarter Gone Bad? Fight Gone Bad.
What's more annoying: people who can't stop talking or traffic that can't get moving? People that can't stop talking.
What inspires you to keep doing CrossFit? It's just so much fun. I would never workout that hard on my own, and the people -- they keep me coming back.
What don't you like about Hollis? (laughs) Nothing! I'm joking. At first I didn't know about Hollis, but now he's one of my favorites.

- Dahlberg
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