The Final

IMG_5067Our Affiliate team in the final

The level of fitness CrossFit is able to create in people is incredible. It is unreal how much and how fast people are able to do the tasks the CrossFit program designers create. The people who are out there competing in the sport of CrossFit are, however, the outliers. Most people who do CrossFit are finding an unparallelled fitness program that has them doing things they never thought possible. A handstand, a pull-up, a mile run, a body weight deadlift. The general physical fitness the average client in our gym is working toward is the real story. The competitions are a side note to the big picture that is making people better at living, better at playing with their kids, and hopefully having fun along the way.



30 ring dips
135 pound squat clean, 25 reps
20 chest to bar pull ups
25 Handstand push ups
10 muscle ups
5 Snatch (no more than body weight)