Keeping Score

IMG_4861Brent counting his rounds with chalk

Awarding points and keeping score during a workout or over a series of workouts is one of the revolutionary ideas that sets CrossFit apart from other strength and conditioning programs. Keeping score does two things, first it makes for good science. You have to keep track of how much, how fast, how often, how many to know if the program works. Record keeping and data collecting are important parts of science. Keeping score also makes the program more effective. It has been said that athletes will die for points, so scoring increases intensity and intensity is critical to increasing work capacity.

In short; Keeping score makes fitness a game and games are fun. If your workout is fun you are more likely to keep doing it. Therefore, keeping score makes the program effective and the program is effective because we keep score.



Six Rounds of:
3 Front squats
5 big box jumps

* do the box jumps immediately following the front squats and rest as needed between sets to maximize weight and height.