Lift Heavy

IMG_4691 Peter locked out

I suck at heavy lifting. No, really, I do. I have poor infrastructure and the upper body strength of a five year old. So you can imagine that every time I see a max lift workout on the site, I cringe a little bit inside.  Ever since I have started Crossfit, I have hated heavy lifting days.

At first I would come up with excuses about why I hated lifting. The top one being, “Oh I don’t get a really good workout from lifting.” But really it was because I’m just not good at the heavy stuff and would feel so incredibly weak every time.

Initially I didn’t want to try and improve my lifting. Because really, who wants to work on their weaknesses? Not me. I just wanted to continue to do the running/rowing/jumping workouts and hope that the strength fairy would visit me in the night and one day I would magically wake up and be able to lift more than 1/100 of my body weight. If you have seen me push press lately, then you will know that obviously this did not happen…

So, I have decided to make a conscious effort to work on (one of my many) weaknesses.

We all approach working on our weaknesses differently. For me, this means purchasing weightlifting shoes because at least if I’m going to be weak and publicly struggle, I will look snazzy while doing so.

I will be the first to admit that when you start Crossfit, you feel like da shit. You leave the workouts feeling on top of the world, strong, and ready to wrestle a bear (oh wait, that’s just me). So it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to do a workout that leaves you feeling like your arms may be made of spaghetti rather than actual bones. But unfortunately, that is the nature of Crossfit. You have to work to improve.

And really, if you could do all of the movements perfectly, why would you keep coming back? What more would you have to strive for?

As we all have experienced, Crossfit is a humbling experience. It has humbled even the greatest. And how do you get better and feel like an Olympian god more often? YOU WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES! Yes, that previous statement was deserving of all caps.

Just know that you are capable. It may not be fun and it may be frustrating, but you will get there. Continue to aim for those goals and work on those weaknesses and you will get there.

-Kelsey K



Perform 20 double unders and 1 Snatch on the minute for 10 minutes add weight for as long as possible.