Rock Star

IMG_4557Sean during Friday's noon.

"All I want for Christmas ..."
I still remember the very first Basic Training course Jess and I took with Hollis back in October of 2010. I was eager to learn new techniques, get stronger, lose my marriage belly, and just feel better. Running alone wasn't giving me the results I desired, so I was definitely open to something completely new. We learned the standard vocabulary, techniques, and way of thinking. Squatting and dead lifting are kindergarten level and the full squat snatch is CrossFit PhD. I could go on and on but if you're reading this, you likely went through the same training and I am preaching to the choir. Of all the things I learned during the training, there was one thing that Hollis mentioned that just scared the hell out of me (no, it was not burpees for being rude). He told us that CrossFit is intense. Yes. Thanks, I can see that, and feel it after doing just 5 rounds of Cindy. Intense. So intense, that on rare occasion the muscles in your body could break down so much that muscles fibers contents are released into the bloodstream at an alarming rate, a condition called rhabdomyolysis that can result in kidney damage/failure. He explained that symptoms include extremely swollen muscles with reduced mobility, as well as tea colored urine (sorry, but this is important). While I found this possibility scary, I never thought it could happen to me. I had ran several half-marathons, ridden 100+ miles in the Swiss and French mountains, and had done Olympic style weightlifting in high school - if it hadn't happened to me then, it couldn't happen to me now. (continued reading)
-Peter Manning 



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