IMG_4282 Roger going heavy

The announcement of workout 12.4 comes with mixed reactions. The bottom line is that for many of the 70,000 athletes competing this year 150 wall balls is a nasty workout to try to complete in 12 minutes. It becomes even more of a challenge with the standardized weights, target heights and depth requirements. For a bunch of other people it will be a test of how many double unders they can get once the wall balling is complete. A smaller number still will be thinking about a PR muscle up at the buzzer. Widdle it down even further and we find a handfull of athletes looking to tacke as many muscle ups as possible until they hear time. Finally, there are the couple hundred or so athletes out there viaing for the title of worlds fittest man and woman, working for the top spots on the leaderboards and trip to the home depot center. Those freaky few might even get into a second round of wall balls and they are among the fittest in the world. And that is what the open is the first step in the search for the fittest people on the plannet.
It is incredible what the human body and mind are capable of and CrossFit reminds of that all the time. CrossFit will also continue to remind us of our limitations. Whatever thing you dred the most is the thing that will make you that much better. So here we go CrossFit Santa Cruz, get ready to attack those wall balls with the best of your ability and see how far you can get.



Rest Day


If you are unable to make it on Saturday for competition day you need to
A: Send an email to let us know so we do not assign you a heat time
B: Come in today at 4:15 or 6:30 to pre-do your workout
C: These are your only options