IMG_4278 Lizbeth doing the box jumps in 12.3

We have a dozen or so athletes who work for CrossFit media. They are responsible for posting the main site, the journal, the affiliate blog, the games page, facebook and much much more. During the games season 70,000 athletes tune in to get information from the CrossFit media team, turn to them to answer questions and solve problems. The media team hosts the leaderboard and keeps us all involved.  Thank you all for everything you do for the greater good of all of us CrossFitters.



For load and time
Overhead squat
Muscle up



Workout 12.4 of the Open will be released tonight. If you are unable to make it on Saturday for competition you need to
A: Send an email to let us know so we do not assign you a heat time
B: show up Thursday at 4:15 or 6:30 to pre-do your workout
C: These are your only options