In It

CFSC_12-1Bailey Bailey, Olivia, Cary, Sean, and Tyler competing.

One story sticks out in my head from Saturday. Athlete one is getting ready to judge athlete two. Athlete one asks "Is there any specific way you would like me to count or encourage you during the workout?" Athlete two answers "Just remind me that I am not going to die." I like this story because it illustrates the fact that athlete two was prepared to push hard but knew that her mind would tell her to slow down when things got uncomfortable. A little reminder that everything was okay and that it was okay to keep going was going to make the difference. It is great to understand what your mind might try to do to you in the middle of a workout and have a plan to get through it.



Two rounds for time of:
30 Pull-ups
185 pound Clean and jerk, 10 reps