Seems Simple

IMG_3560Peter and Brent pressing.

Today is the last day to buy into the "Consistency is King" Competition.  If you haven't sign up yet now is your last chance. You don't want to miss this one!

This Saturday at 11am we invite everyone who has signed up to come to the gym and talk strategy.

The start of our competition coincides with the start of the CrossFit Games Open, an international competition geared at finding the fittest athletes on earth. We have formed a team and anyone can sign-up and join.  The start of the Games Season has begun!


For time:
1000 meter Row
20 Clean and Jerk 
1000 meter Row

1. Load for Clean and Jerk is not to exceed 100% of bodyweight.
2. Time entire effort.
3. Use push-jerk, not split-jerk.
4. Warm-up with Sit-up, Back/Hip extension, Squat, Pull-up, Push-up circuit. Go easy.
5. Heads-up! Two more workouts this week will play on today's theme.