And So It Begins

IMG_3307Peter with a solid squat.

Today is day one of the "Consistency is King" competition!

The heart of the competition is rooted deep in the CrossFit philosophy of measurable, observable and repeatable data.  To prove anything in science you must have data that can be looked over and analysed by objective parties.  This competition is about being consistent and to prove it we need to keep track of the data.

This competition is a "self reporting" compeition.  To make it easy, we have created a very simple form to fill out to submit your score. The data will be compiled on a spreadsheet to be orginzed and analysed to find a winner. 

Who: "Who is this competition for?"

Anyone looking to be challenged.  This competition is the most ambitious one we have ever done.  We have done nutrition alone and performance alone and now we add them together with mobility to challenge our athletes as much as we can.

What: "What do you need to do to participate?"

Bring in $10 to the gym and sign up with a coach. Keep daily track of your nutritionworkouts and mobility.  Complete the 4 "Test Wods".

How:  "How do you keep track of all your information?"

For Nutrition and Consistency simply fill out the Daily Report Form.  Each day of the competition a new form should be filled out.  Please select the date carefully and only submit one form for each calendar day.  

For the 4 "Test Wods" keep a journal of your loads, times and distances any way that you want.  Once the "Test Wods" are completed fill our the Test WoD Form.


Post any and all questions to comments and we will answer them all.



Deadlift, 15 reps 
One arm barbell press, 15 reps (each arm!)

Repeat at 12-9-6-3 reps adding weight when able.