A Fun One

IMG_3438Dave, Megan, Cary and Cara post competition.

Yesterdays competition at Brethren CrossFit was a blast.  20 teams from all over the bay area gathered in Morgan Hill to compete for a $1,000 prize.  Our team was awesome to watch and took 5th place overall. They were composed, positive, and focused. Communication was great and the transitions were flawless. And of course they looked good doing it. Congratulations to Brethren on taking the top spot.  The event was well run in a great facility.  



Seven rounds: 
Seated Press, 5 reps, immediately,
Rope climb, once up.

1. Max load on press at each pass.
2. Climb the rope without using your legs on the rope. If you can, it's time to do it right. 
3. Take as much time between rounds as required to max bench load.