General Physical Preparedness

IMG_3327Chris one foot above his reach.

The CrossFit program is designed to get you generally prepared to do just about anything. The unique part about that is that it is different than most sports and workout regimens. In traditional sports you are training for a specific task, event or play. Athletes who play team sports need conditioning and strength but coaches often tailor that training to be "sports specific". Most workout systems claim to improve some part of your physique. CrossFit's specialty is not specializing. CrossFit borrows from the strongest, most agile, fastest, and most efficient training modalities and sports to create a program that has proven to work for anyone and everyone no matter the goal. It works so well in fact, it has become a sport in and of it's self. Truly remarkable.



Three rounds of:
20 Walking Lunges; with dumbbells totaling 1/3 your bodyweight
20 Thrusters
20 Pull-ups
Rest three minutes.

1. Measure your pace so that “Thrusters” begin directly under your pull-up bar.
2. Each step of the lunge should drop the trailing knee so that it "kisses" the ground.
3. "Thrusters" begin in a deep squat and end in full hip, leg, and arm extension.
4. No crappy pull-ups. Adam's apple to bar at top, arms completely extended at bottom.
5. The twenty pull-ups are consecutive pull-ups. You don't come down from the bar
until they're done.