Its About Challenge

IMG_2794Tara set up

The amalgamation of the various sporting elements which make up CrossFit has tested both my mental fortitude and physical aptitude more than any other sport I've tried - perhaps with the exception of boxing. However, much like boxers, we CrossFitters also wage a solitary and timed battle consisting of stamina, strength, power, agility, and sheer will.  There are no teammates to pick up for your slack, or timeouts to regain composure, or halftimes to recover.  Each workout is a test of one’s ability to confront and overcome the unknown.  We often finish “gassed”or “spent”, but at the same time content that we conquered another grueling session.  It seems the more WODs we complete, the more our preconceived notions of our physical limitations dissipate like the illusions that they truly are.
This is why I love CrossFit. This is why I keep coming back: for the psychological challenge it introduces. To get better we all have a duty to break weak physical barriers down with relentless willpower; to dial into that "zone" each and every time we walk through the doors of CFSC, ready to defeat another WOD; to push ourselves beyond goals, because goals, by their very essence, have limitations.  After each session we should all leave confident that we did better than the day before.  If you are not 100 percent focused with this type of obsessed commitment, and instead just going through the motions, then why even show up? We all have a responsibility, to ourselves, and to our small community of dedicated CrossFitters, to push our bodies, our minds, and each other beyond all limitations.
- Dahlberg



Four rounds, each on a 4 minute interval of:
Run 400 meters
115 pound Jerk, max reps