Tis the Season

IMG_2745 Kirsten hips extended at the top of the sumo deadlift

So far the Festivus poles are all yack and no shack. I have heard a lot of chatter about plans and such but no real progress has been made, only stakes claimed. It is Wednesday and the decorating contest ends on Friday, I expect to see a lot of things happen in the next few days.

Here is the scoring scheme for Tom's decision:

- up to 20 points awarded for "representation of theme"
- up to 15 points awarded for "creativity"
- up to 15 points awarded for "visual impact"

Total possible - 50 points. He will review the decorated posts on Saturday morning and announce his decision at the party.


The Party?
When: Saturday Night
Where: Ideal Bar and Grill
Time: 6:00



Rest day