Eye On The Prize

Sean focused on the task at hand.

Our eyes play an important role in what we do.  Lifting, running, and gymnastics all require that we use our vision to maintain control and keep our awareness focused in. Even a simple movement like squatting benefits from a focused gaze. Try a set of tabata squats with your eyes closed and see if it differs from with them open. 



For max reps:
Muscle-up (Bar or Ring), 60 seconds
Barbell squat snatch, 60 seconds
Single leg squat, 60 seconds
Kettlebell snatch, 60 seconds
Handstand push-up, 60 seconds

*If you are competing this Saturday we will use this workout to go over and try out the possible movements and the standards for workout 3.


Competitors be sure to check the whiteboard at the gym for details about Saturday and get in touch with your teams.