Santa Cruz Affiliate Competition Workouts

Event 1: Run/AMRAP

-Each round begins with a 200m run that circle the parking lot, and is followed by pullups, then wallball, then kb swings.
-All 4 team members must commence each run together – 1 point for each COMPLETED run per person.
-Pullups may not commence until all 4 team members have completed the run and crossed the Astroturf in to the black-matted gym floor.
-1 man / 1 women work together at a time (trade off as desired) – 1 point per rep -Placing is ordered by most points to least.
-AMRAP is 20 minutes for Rx’d, all other divisions are 15 minutes.

200m Run
40 Ring Rows
40 Wallball (14/8)
40 KB Swings (35/25)

200m Run
60 Ring Rows
60 Wallball (14/8)
60 KB Swings (45/25)

200m Run
60 Pullups
60 WallBall (16/12)
60 KB Swing (45/25)

200m Run
100 Pullups
100 Wallball (20/14)
100 KB Swing (53/35)

Run: the run is complete after the athlete has passed the green turf and is on the black mat.
Pullup: chin over bar at the top – arms locked out at the bottom
Wallball: below parallel at bottom of squat, the ball must land clearly in the red line at top of throw (not below or above the red).
Kettlebell Swing: Arms and body straight /ear visible in front of bicep at top

All athletes must finish the run and be on the black mats before the pullups commence, all repetitions of a movement must be completed before the next piece of equipment is touched (for example, all the pullups must be finished before the wallball is touched).

Starting Line:
Teams will be lined up to start the first run in reverse order of the distance of the pullup bars from the door to account for the disparity (front-to-back): Red, Grey, White, Blue.

-Please be aware that all the pullup bars for this event are at a height of 8’. You will be allowed to stack bumper plates below the bar if you need an assist up to the bar but this is entirely your responsibility. Teams will have 5-10 minutes to stack plates before their heat (and return the plates afterward). Once your heat begins you may NOT stack anymore plates.
-Any team (except Rx’d division) may scale the pull-ups with bands. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BAND TO YOUR HEAT.

Event 2: Heavy Grace

-30 Clean and Jerks for time
-Each team has 2 bars (1 mens, 1 womens)
-1st man and women start together – 2nd man/women start immediately upon completion of 30th C&J by the 1st man/woman.
-Total time is sum of men’s and women’s time.
-Placing is ordered from quickest time to slowest

60+: 75/53
50+: 95/53
40+: 135/83
Int: 95/53
Rx: 155/105

Normal C&J standards: Bar starts on ground; full lockout of arms and legs at top. Bar must be taken from the ground – no bouncing and catching.

Event 3: Rotating AMRAP

-3 movements in total – 3 minutes per movement (except Rx division – 4 minutes)
-”Fight Gone Bad” style clock – no rest or pause between movements
-1 man and 1 women work at a time, rotate as desired
-1 point for each completed movement

60+/50+ Possible Movements:
Muscle Up Substitute: Ring-Rows/Static Dips w/ band assist
Barbell Snatch
Kettlebell Snatch
Weighted Lunge
Strict Press
External Object “Strongman” Element

Int/40+ Possible Movements:
Muscle Up Substitute: Pullups/Static Dips
Barbell Snatch
Kettlebell Snatch
Weighted Lunge
Handstand Pushups w/ 2 abmats
External Object “Strongman” Element

Rx Possible Movements:
Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring)
Barbell Snatch
Kettlebell Snatch
Handstand Pushups
External Object “Strongman” Element

-Muscle Ups: turnout at bottom with arm open more than 90 degrees, elbows locked out at top
-Static dip: locked out at top – elbow bent to 90 degrees or less at bottom
-Snatch: Bar or Bell starts on ground, full lockout overhead at top with open hips.
-Pistols: hip below the knees at the bottom – foot must go forward (cannot pull bent leg behind you)
-HS Pushups: Head to the abmat at the bottom, arms locked out at the top.
-Weighted Lunge: Walking dumbbell lunge – back knee must touch the ground. Feet must come together at the top with legs locked out.
-Strict Press: Arms locked out, ears visible at the top.

Team 10
Laurie Galassi
Cara Hipskind
Jesse Bazarnick
Pat Barber

Event 1 Heat 4: 9:45

Event 2 Heat 4: 11:45

Event 3 start time 2:22

Team 11

Karla Fergeson
Bailey O’Regan
Lucas Zepeda
Tyler Hinz

Event 1 Heat 4: 9:45

Event 2 Heat 4: 11:45

Event 3 Start time 2:18

Team 20
Jacob Morton
Dietrich Brandt
Olivia Cheriton
Tara Holz
Jill Denner

Event 1 Heat 3: 9:20

Event 2 Heat 3 11:20

Event 3 Start time 1:44

Team 21

Brett Dahlberg
Sean Donahue
Sonny Jin
Diana Smith
Allision Scahill
Hana O’Regan

Event 1 Heat 3: 9:20

Event 2 Heat 3 11:20

Event 3 Start time 1:47

Team 25
Chris Cobb
Desmond M
Sean Fender
Angel Forbes
Jody Geare
Nicole Benson

Event 1 Heat 3: 9:20

Event 2 Heat 3 11:20

Event 3 Start time 1:41

Team 30
Daniel Boccia
Kyle Robertson
Chris Fust
Megan Mitchell
Hannah Brandt
Megan Combies

Event 1 Heat 3: 9:20

Event 2 Heat 3 11:20

Event 3 Start time 1:47

Team 31
Peter Manning
Matt Nix
Kevin Golden
Anne Spevacek
Kristen Kenny
Mackinzie Fullmer

Event 1 Heat 2: 8:55

Event 2 Heat 2: 10:55

Event 3 Start time: 1:50

Team 51
Laurie Getz
Darleen House
Sarah Edmundson
Beth Sarouf
Iris Fraser

Event 1 Heat 1: 8:30

Event 2 Heat 1: 10:30

Event 3 start time 12:51