IMG_0188 Sean and Beth pulling and pushing

The shoulder is a tricky joint and the muscles around it are very important to proper human movement. We are all guilty of being over developed in the front side due to years and years of sitting in chairs, driving, typing, talking on the phone and trying to look good in the mirror. I am determined to work the back of the shoulder and balance us out. In the photo I am sure Sean is about to retract the shoulder blade as he pulls the sled and Beth must be squeezing her blades together hard as she pushes her sled. Keep working on those shoulders people it will pay off in the long run.



95 Pound squat snatch
Pull up



Tonight is the Tony Blauer clinic.  5:30-7:30  The cost is Free.  Please donate to The  Wounded Warrior Project or other charity.  Also Jeremy Kinnick will be in attendance.  2011 Games competitor.