Shoulders When You Row

CFSCMeganPeterRow Megan and Peter race to 500

The shoulder and spine are a critical piece of the rowing stroke. As we come forward it is easy to get pulled out of good position. We need to take the time to sit up straight, turn on the lats and drive with the legs not the back or the arms. In the above photo Magan and Peter have both lost ideal position in pursuit of a win during a team workout.



2011 CrossFit Games Masters event 2 and 3

Four minutes to complete:
1 rep max Barbell clean and jerk

rest 10 minutes

3 rounds for time of:

4 Muscle-ups 
135 pound Thruster, 8 reps


Please plan ahead, This Weekend Friday July 29, 30, 31 and Monday August 1st  We will be Closed. Each year we are dedicated to supporting the Greater CrossFit community by Closing for the CrossFit Games. This year we will be going in support of Mark Rosen and Pat Barber. Each year the CrossFit games becomes bigger and better we look forward to ending the CrossFit year with a bang!