In The Books

Lauriewod5redIMG_9739 Laurie ready for action

Regionals are officially in the books. It was a fantastic weekend. We braved the elements, worked hard, and connected with the greater CrossFit community. The most amazing part of the whole weekend is how fit CrossFit is making so many people. There was a spectacular number of fit people at the Santa Clara fair grounds this weekend.

The Nor Cal regional and competition directors did a terrific job running a great event. The volunteers and judges were great and fun was had by all. Highlights from the weekend were:

Gilly organizing and preparing food for all and staying at the fair grounds for three nights. We owe her a big Thank You. She made the athletic experience very comfortable.

The epic number of friends and family and spectators that braved the weather and came and supported and cheered us on.

Hollis for coaching eight athletes through 24 workouts in three days with high energy, composure, positivity, a sense of humor, and great care

The team on the pullup, kettle bell swing, double under, overhead squat workout working so well together and with such camaraderie and skill that they finished two minutes ahead of the next team.

Tyler and Baily lifting big weights with big folks

Dave braving the worst of the storm and loving every minute of it

Jesse leading the way of the run handstand push up workout by a huge margin

Coach D winning both her heats on Sunday

And last and not least Laurie. She took 2nd in the run handstand workout, 7th in the deadlift workout, 1st in the hundreds, 2nd in Amanda, and third in the chipper. Her performances in those workouts in the company she did them with are truly amazing. She is so skilled, so fit, and so strong it is incredible.

CrossFit competition is about testing your fitness. It takes what we do each day in the gym to a new level of fun, and new level of commitment, and a new level of intensity. It is awesome to watch, awesome to do, and awesome to be a part of. Now lets get back to work!

And Congratulations to our good friend Annie Sakamoto of CrossFit Santa Cruz Central for qualifying for the CrossFit Games.  It was awesome to see the one of the original "nasty girls" make her triumphant return.



Front Squat

Push Press