IMG_9182Some of the members of our affiliate cup team

In every sport there is practice and training and in all team sports there are athletes who get more playing time than others come competition day. The competition days come few and far between and it is the time spent preparing that most of the team remembers. On June 3-5 six athletes will represent our team at the nor cal regional. It was a hard decision to make the line up and we are confident these athletes will do us all proud. Come game day we put our best out there to go for glory. These athletes have put in many hours and lots of sweat to get to put it all out there in June. We can hardly wait.

The Regionals Roster:

Cara Hipskind
Katy Ramirez
Baily O'Regan
Lucaz Zepeda
Tyler HInz
Dustin Johnson

Jill Denner
Chris Roman



Every two minutes for twenty minutes preform:
1 Squat snatch
3 Overhead squats