We Want You

CFSCBretRunBrett running it in.

Every day that we come to the gym we are presented with a workout.  We are provided with an opportunity to test ourselves.  Sometimes that test reveals to us that we are stronger than we thought.  Other times it reveals to us where we fall short.  Either way it is a great place to try and leave it all on the line. 

This year the lead up to the CrossFit Games is open to everyone.  In an attempt to broaden the search for the fittest man and woman on the planet, CrossFit is providing a venue for every CrossFit athlete to test themselves against the best.  This year they want you.

The final rules are yet to be announced, but we do know one thing, for six weeks starting March 15th, CrossFit.com will post a workout and ask for scores.  Each week they will tally the scores and we will find out who are the fittest individuals and also who has the fittest affiliate.  If you want to represent CrossFit Santa Cruz now is your chance.



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