Jump Back

CFSCMichaelSnatch Michael high rep snatching

Michael has received this lift a little forward and with his knees inside of his feet just a bit. This type of positioning fault is common. Often it occurs when an athlete leads with their hips in the first pull off the floor forcing then to jump early and forward. Working on pulling straight up and even a little backwards off the floor for the clean and snatch is critical to a solid landing position.

Remember, the only acceptable way to jump in weightlifting is...Backwards!


Tonight's Food Log Comes From Olivia:

8am (2B) frittata and 100g hash-browns

10am (2B) 1/2 turkey sandwich (weighed the meat beforehand)

1pm (~3B) eyeballed meal from whole foods ... chicken, cheesy cauliflower and a small cookie

3pm (2B) zone bar

6pm (0.5B) 2 bites of zone bar (this was 30 sec before the wod started ... suddenly I needed food)

7pm (2B) 2oz turkey and glass of prune juice (don't ask)

8pm (2B) beef chili and slice of bread w/ butter

9:30pm (2B) 1oz turkey and glass of choc milk



Front Squat