Week Three Homework

Get together with someone from a different Cohort and do their homework!

1. Continue following the MWod daily.
2. Find two “magic bullets” to make part of your personal MWoD
3. Report findings to beyondthewhiteboard.

1. Weigh and Measure at least 2 different meals.
2. Eat a minimum of two Zoned meals this week.
3. Eat a minimum of two Paleo meals this week.
4. Continue log your meals on beyond the whiteboard.

1. Attend more than three classes this week
2. Attend one class with a person from your cohort.
3. Continue log in on beyond the whiteboard.

Heavy Lifts:
1. Perform 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2  Box Squat @ 50% of your max (2 days)
2. Eat a post wod meal after your lifts. (minimum 2 days)
3. Continue log your efforts on beyond the whiteboard.

Body Control:
1. Follow your program you received last week.
2. Learn what Zone Blocks are.
3. Calculate your Zone prescription.
4. Continue log your homework on beyond the whiteboard.