IMG_8213 Melia and Laurie having fun.

We feel it is important to spend time and energy on nutrition.  Kristy even has a personal blog about nutrition filled with great facts and cooking tips.  Feasting on Fitness.  Each athlete will eventually need to find there own individual plan to be successful.  There are so many different "plans" be it zone, paleo, southbeac, atkins...etc.  Is one the best?

"Bottom line: during the two million years we’ve been human (orhuman-ish), we’ve never eaten a single consistent diet. We’re not adapted to a perfect menu; we’re adapted to adaptability."

-Denise Minger

Here is her take on quality nutrition

There might not be a single optimal diet for humans, but health-producing cuisines—especially ones with a reputation for healing ailments and reversing chronic conditions—typically have a few things in common.

  • Elimination of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other nutritionally-devoid sweeteners
  • Avoidance of man-made ingredients and fake foods—such as artificial sweeteners, soy-based meat replacements, chemical additives, nitrites, preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes, margarine, and hydrogenated fats
  • The inclusion of mineral-rich foods (dark greens, seaweed, animal organs, green juices, or produce grown in well-mineralized soil)
  • No pasteurized, homogenized cow dairy
  • An emphasis on eating foods in their whole state
  • An emphasis on some or all pre-agricultural foods (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds) rather than post-agricultural foods (grains, potatoes, dairy, vegetable oils)
  • A large portion of fresh, raw foods and/or “living” foods (kombucha, fermented vegetables, kefir)
  • High nutrient density

But regardless of what you put in your mouth, remember that an optimal diet is one you can sustain—and that doesn’t knock your whole life off kilter by making you socially, mentally, or emotionally imbalanced. Diet is only one component of health and should never become the driving force in your life.



3 rounds for time of
lunge 150 feet
25 burpees

rest 5:00

Front squat