Welcome Aboard

IMG_8015 Angel during Diane.

Angel is back and better than ever.  Now a certified CrossFit Trainer, Angel is on her way to a new and lovely career.  Since she started with CrossFit Santa Cruz she has been one of the unsung heros of our community.  She has participated at almost every major CrossFit competition to date, judging the past two years of the CrossFit Games and this years sectionals.  She has a eye for quality movement and a passion that we admire.  Now in Santa Cruz full time expect to see this rising star make waves as an athlete and as a Coach.



Complete as many rounds in 15 minutes as you can of:
50 pound dumbbell Push jerk, 5 reps
7 Box jumps, 30 inch box


4th of July Holiday Schedule:

Sunday the 4th:  10am only

Monday the 5th:  10am and Noon only