Tony Blauer Seminar July 25th

"The first time we were in Santa Cruz was for our first meeting with Coach Greg Glassman and the CF crew . It was a life altering experience and CF became a part of our training DNA. We were immediately asked about doing seminars at different boxes and have squeezed in a few here & there over the years.  CrossFit Santa Cruz was actually the first 'box' to ask us about offering a course and so we're real exctied to finally get it on the calendar. Its also right after the CF Games so the region will be crawling with CrossFit athletes from all over the world - we're hoping many can stick around for the course." 

-Tony Blauer

The seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz will introduce CrossFit affiliates to Tony's S.P.E.A.R. system and show how self defense training and CrossFit training can be combined. Tony will be covering:

Essential S.P.E.A.R. drills
Performance Psychology
Situational Awareness
Combining CrossFit with PDR skills


HERE ARE SOME VIDEOS of Tony in action:

ATM Strategy, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jun 4 08
Basic Arm Postion, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jul 31 07
Bear Hug Drill, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Aug 12 07
Blauer High Gear High Contact Demo [wmv][mov] » Jul 30 08
Choke Defense, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Dec 10 08
Control Tactics, Part I, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Sept 19 07
Defending the Straight Punch, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jan 27 08
Elevator Safety, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jul 16 08
Everything Works Once, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Aug 8 07
Flash Knockouts, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Aug 15 07
Front Choke Defense Pt II, Tony Blauer (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov] » Feb 7 09
Function, with Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jan 15 10
Ground Fighting Pt I, Tony Blauer (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov] » Aug 25 08
Ground Fighting Pt II, Tony Blauer .(CFJ Preview) .. [wmv][mov] » Aug 30 08
Headlock Defense, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » May 6 09
High Gear Dril, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Aug 28 07
Highlights from a Blauer Tactical seminar at CrossFit Brand X [wmv][mov] » Mar 7 10
Hick's Law, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jun 25 07
Intercepting an Attack from a Car, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » May 26 08
Integrating CrossFit with SPEAR, Blauer & Camacho (CFJ Preview) [wmv][mov] » Oct 23 09
Intro to the Flinch, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » May 24 07
Open Hand/Closed Hand Drill, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » 23 Aug 07
Origins of SPEAR, TonyBlauer [wmv][mov] » May 24 10
Pre-Contact Cues, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » 29 Jun 07
Ripping the Elbow, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Mar 31 09
Protective and Tactical Responses, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jun 12 07
Saving Private Ryan Drill, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Oct 26 07
SPEAR is a Bridge to Your Next Move, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jun 18 07
SPEAR Takedown Defense, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » May 15 08
Splayed Fingers, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jul 13th 07
Stress Inoculation from the Guard, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Dec 16 07
Surviving the Ambush, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Mar 22 08
Train for the Ambush, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Jun 03 07
Training for Real Combat, Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Oct 11 07
Why Startle Flinch? Tony Blauer [wmv][mov] » Dec 26 07
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