Team Santa Cruz.

The Southwest Regionals are now behind us.  The weekend was filled with amazing performances from all of our athletes.  The Highlights were:

Lucas was our Team Captain and anchor leg for the two Saturday affiliate workouts.  He led our team with great confidence and outstanding performances.

Dave absolutely proved he is a CrossFit firebreather.  His Jerk/Burpee wod was nothing short of inspiring.

Gilly's composure and confidence while holding a 185 pound log with Amy was inspiring.

Hannah, our reluctant competitor smiling during the Double Under/Snatch workout was unforgettable.

Leif guiding our team through the tire flip/log carry was super cool and with Stephen's help they made an impressive run on the tire flip.

Stephen in the middle of the tire flip/log carry workout telling Leif to "just look down" was priceless.

Pat during the final workout was stunning, while overhead squatting faster than any other athlete,his feet actually left the ground he was so strong out of the bottom.

Amy's sprint on the run was the most beautiful display of speed during the whole competition.

Olivia's "Strong like my Mom" t-shirt was perfect for mother's day.

Coach D was incredible during the Muscle up/clean workout and showed us all what it is to be an athlete during the tire flip/log carry wod.

Laurie's smiles and joy at the end of the final workout topped off the weekend perfectly.

Congratulations to all our athletes.  CrossFit Santa Cruz represented well.

63 men, 54 women and 83 teams entered the competition.  The best of three different sectionals.

The Final Results were:

Laurie Galassi 5th

Danielle Mulford 10th

Olivia Cheriton 15th

Pat Barber 15th

Dave Leys 23rd



Congratulations to San Francisco CrossFit who won the team competition!

Chyna Cho of CrossFit Unlimited finished 4th to qualify for the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Paige Nutt 6th (CrossFit 831)

Jocelyn Forrest 9th (CrossFit West Santa Cruz)



2 rounds of:
60 Deadlift
200 meter run while carrying a dumbbell.  Dumbbell must be held above the shoulders.