A Love Affair

IMG_5509 Matt leading the 6pm class through Fran.

You either lover her or hate her, but Fran is our homegirl.  If you meet a CrossFit athlete anywhere in the world after getting their name and where there from, surely within 5 questions, you will undoubtedly hear. "What's your Fran time?"  

Post Fran experiences to comments.

Thanks the the guys from beyond the whiteboard for the link below:



400 meter walking lunge


Schedule Notice:

This weekend is the CrossFit Games Regional competition and the Human Race.  We will not be running regular classes this weekend, the last class will be taught at 12:00 on Friday. We will resume our regular schedule Monday morning at 6am.

If you are interested on running the Human Race we will meet at the gym Saturday before the race.   Sign up HERE and you will receive an email with more details.

The Regional will be streamed live on the internet for FREE.