Taper Time

IMG_5441 Sonny in great position.

Every month Mary Conover provides the CrossFit Community a look into the science of human performance.  Her dedication and diligence is second to none.  This month she has out done herself with an timely article for athletes competing this season.  If you are preparing for Regionals this article is well worth your read.

"What Else? Here's where the devil's in the details. Recovery is more than setting limits on overload and the timely reduction in weight and reps. There are other things that hold as much importance because they are the scaffolding within which properly programmed training yields the best results. They are simple things like "good" sleep, balanced nourishment, and hydration."-Mary Conover

Hormonaland Metabolic Changes During Progressive Overload Training–A Review
-Mary Conover
Rest Day

Schedule Notice:

This weekend is the CrossFit Games Regional competition and the Human Race.  We will not be running regular classes this weekend, the last class will be taught at 12:00 on Friday. We will resume our regular schedule Monday morning at 6am.

If you are interested on running the Human Race we will meet at the gym Saturday before the race.   Sign up HERE and you will receive an email with more details.